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Lyrics - Light Turned On

The saxophone you never played but I believed you would someday, when you had the time to spend

The gammon board you never fixed, blow your hands “come at a six”, Sunday afternoons would never end

Well I remember it like yesterday, still it seems so far away, almost like it’s someone else’s life

Barbecuing in the rain, power cuts and playing games, I rage against the dying of the light

Sometimes I’ll have a quiet few, play Sonny Boy and think of you, wonder what you’d think of me today

I’m far from being a perfect man but I try and do the best I can, God I’ve made mistakes along the way.

And when I find it hard to choose, I think what would my father do, you’re the source from which my heart is traced

Too many thoughts to try and share, just never think that I don’t care, go placidly amid the noise and haste.

Though I believe that when you’re gone, you’re gone, you have left a light turned on. It’s glowing, never fading in my soul.

And though you’ll not be here to see I’ll make sure that my family know how much you love them all.

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