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Lyrics - Borderline

I can hold your hand and tell you you’ll be fine

No, I don’t really know. I’m just hoping in rhyme

Could tell you that this songs for you, but would it make you mine?

No, I don’t think it would, so I’ll keep it inside

I can feel the lights, how they burn my face

I can see the warning signs just fitting into place

Tell me, tell me now but never say the words again

Because I know those words have killed stronger men

Borderline, borderline, borderline, borderline

Wrote to you on Sunday, I never heard a word

Not that I expected to, it just seems so absurd

That we were once so perfect, we were once so right

I guess it just goes to show that love burns like candlelight

Borderline, borderline, borderline, borderline

I guess I hope you’re happy though I don’t really care

I guess I hope you’re lonely without me there

I guess I’m kinda hoping that I made all this shit up

But I think I’m realising that I just fucked it up. Oh, oh, again.

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